How I Got Started Part 3
Building The Business

Lots of hard work. I was as, they say, the chief cook and bottle washer! I spent a ton of time and money figuring out how to create a business, from creating table entities to operations (setting up emails, websites, checking accounts, insurance, and the list goes on) to marketing yourself and your business.

I joined all the local associations I could and attended all the trade shows and association meetings. The most successful thing I did was reach out to former colleagues and providers I had great relationships with.

One thing I also had to do was create a system to track and manage all the contracts. Artcraft Management (based in Richmond, VA) was my first client via a former colleague and that was in February 2003…..about two weeks later Equity Management (now ResOne) signed up with me. I was on cloud Nine….

Two clients within a month of launching, I was on a roll!!! Now I had to deliver (oh S&^%). I buried myself in my work and stopped all marketing efforts, as I had to focus on delivering new revenue generating agreements for my new clients. I did not raise my head and start trying to get a new client for over a year…which was about the time I finally received my first commission check.

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Andrew Smith, Founder and CEO of ASM