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ARX Management is an ASM Client as of 2/15/21.


Our properties already have some contracts in place that include revenue sharing. Why do we need ASM’s services?

Maximize Relationships

At ASM, we are constantly reviewing programs and contracts on a daily basis to identify new trends in the industry and seek out new services that are available that can help maximize the client/provider relationship. 

Constant Monitoring

ASM will constantly monitor your ancillary programs and contracts to ensure that:

  • The compensation amount is paid and correct
  • The contracts do not automatically renew
  • New opportunities are not missed
  • Issues are addressed in a timely manner

ASM is the Answer

Because of our provider relationships, we know what they are able to offer and what the market will bear once the contract expires. Without this constant interaction with providers, you are missing out on improving service offerings, as well as increasing your income potential and reducing your expenses.