When I started ASM, my goal was (and still is) to bring all multifamily owners, management companies, and developers the same type of services, agreements, and oversight of those services as the large owners and REITS do. 

We do not just negotiate deals and walk away; we assist our clients throughout the lifecycle of a contract, including handling issues on agreements we did not negotiate.  

I never wanted ASM to be considered a “consultant”, but rather a true “outsourced” department for our clients handling multiple services, addressing questions, or running reports when they arise. I use the term “we” when speaking to a client as I feel like we are part of their team and our goals are aligned.

Andrew Smith, Founder and CEO of ASM

When a client has staff turn-over, it is nice to know that we are a stable entity able to assist any new staff member get up to speed about certain providers and agreements in place.  

Although we spend a significant amount of time handling Telecom related services, we handle many other services from ATM machines, to laundry programs, vending services, maintenance supplies, and many more. 

We are always looking for new ancillary opportunities and managing our client’s current contracts to make sure they don’t miss out on an opportunity to renew or bring on another service, revenue stream, or discount. 

Just like “Mikey” from the old Life cereals commercials…and yes I am aging myself, we are willing to look at anything our clients are interested in that we can consider an ancillary service offering.



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