Case Studies

Ancillary Services Management
Creating Opportunities

Industry Expertise

Achievements in Telecom

Negotiated New Revenue

ASM negotiated a five year (20+ properties) telecom agreement for a client that resulted in over $700,000 in door fee revenue. Based on current revenue received, ASM anticipated an increase in recurring revenue of approximately $150,000 for each year of the agreement.

Recovered Past Revenue

An ASM client acquired management of a new property, and asked ASM to negotiate a new agreement because the owner had no record of a cable revenue share agreement. ASM discovered an existing agreement and received a copy from the provider. The cable company had suspended revenue share payments. ASM worked with the cable company’s accounts payable department and recovered $13,200 in past funds, more than four years of revenue share payments.

Increased Recurring Revenue

ASM was able to get a client out of exclusive marketing agreements before their expiration. They signed new non-exclusive marketing agreements, and had an increase in recurring revenue between 30-50% higher than what they were previously receiving for each community.

Best in Service

Achievements in Laundry

Increase Monthly Revenue

ASM was able to terminate an existing laundry agreement that automatically renewed two years earlier and still had five years remaining on the renewal term of the agreement.  Under the newly ASM negotiated agreement, ASM was able to provide the client a new signing bonus and an increased monthly revenue share that was higher than the previous agreement.

Better Managed Agreements

ASM worked on a portfolio-wide laundry agreement in which the current portfolio had multiple laundry providers and each agreement was expiring at different times.  ASM successfully negotiated a new agreement with one provider where they all expire at the same time.  The provider supplied new equipment, which accepted cash, credit and debit cards and could be activated using a smart phone. The ASM negotiated agreement generated more signing bonus revenue and increased the overall recurring revenue for the portfolio.

Negotiated a Better Deal

ASM was asked by a client to take over negotiations of a laundry deal midway thru the process.  After analyzing the proposal the client was going to move forward with, ASM concluded that the revenue share percentage was approximately 51% lower than the existing agreement. ASM renegotiated the deal and increased the revenue share percentage by 11% over the existing agreement (a 62 point increase).

Efficient & Resourceful

Achievements in Waste Management

Savings Across Communities

ASM renegotiated waste hauling contracts for a client on 11 communities saving the client approximately $105,000 a year.

Standardized Agreements

ASM created over $70,000 in savings on a dozen trash-hauling agreements over a three year period for one client. In addition, ASM standardized the owner’s trash hauling agreement such that the terms and conditions provided flexibility for the owner over the life of the contract.

Reduced Expenses by 50%

ASM reduced one community’s trash hauling expense by almost 50% and locked in that savings for three years!