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Navigating Employee Benefits and Turnover with When: A Game-Changing Solution for Multifamily Employers

Navigating Employee Benefits and Turnover with When: A Game-Changing Solution for Multifamily Employers

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Provider Spotlight

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Navigating Employee Benefits and Turnover with When: A Game-Changing Solution for Multifamily Employers

Ever felt like you’re seeing the same old story with employee benefits and turnover in the multifamily world? In my 25 years in the industry, resident turnover has always been 50-53%, but lately I’ve seen more employee turnover (with Operators and Suppliers) than ever before. There is a huge opportunity to create efficiencies and cost savings in employee management in our industry. Unfortunately, solutions related to turnover have largely been neglected within multifamily…until now.

Let me introduce you to When ( who is solving the challenges related to employee turnover. When is not your average, run-of-the-mill solution, but a powerhouse technology designed to revolutionize the way we handle off-boarding for both sides of the fence: employers and employees.

This platform isn’t just another face in the crowd; it’s a fresh new vibe in the multifamily-verse, bringing a unique flavor with its killer features aimed at tackling every type of turnover you can think of. Ready to dive into what makes When so special and how it can totally transform the multifamily employer scene? Let’s get into it!

AI-Driven Marketplace: A Comprehensive Health Insurance Platform…at the heart of When is its AI-driven health insurance marketplace, which facilitates online enrollment for a wide range of plans, including ACA, off-exchange, and short-term options. This technology-driven approach simplifies the process of finding and enrolling in the right health insurance plan, tailored to the individual’s needs and circumstances. The use of AI ensures that recommendations are personalized and aligned with the user’s specific requirements.

Concierge Service: White-Glove Support for Health Insurance Queries…understanding the complexities of health insurance, When offers a concierge service that provides white-glove assistance for any health insurance-related questions. This service ensures that exiting employees have a reliable source of expert advice, guiding them through the maze of options and helping them make informed decisions about their health insurance needs.

Co-branded Post-Employment Portal: Elevating the Off-boarding Experience…When introduces a co-branded post-employment portal, which significantly enhances the off-boarding experience. This innovative approach provides exiting employees with a seamless transition, offering resources for health insurance and career guidance. The co-branded aspect ensures that the platform feels personalized and tailored to the needs of each individual, making the transition smoother and more supportive.

When Benefit: A Novel Approach to Severance Packages…traditionally, COBRA subsidies have been a part of severance packages, helping former employees maintain their health insurance. However, When takes a step further with the When Benefit, an alternative that not only replaces COBRA subsidies but also provides a more cost-effective and beneficial option for both parties involved. This feature exemplifies When’s commitment to innovating within the sphere of employee benefits.

Bilingual Call Center: Nationwide Support in Multiple Languages…recognizing the diverse needs of the multifamily workforce, When offers a bilingual call center that operates 24×7. This nationwide service features licensed agents who are equipped to assist with enrolling in ACA and Medicare plans. The availability of support in multiple languages ensures that all employees have access to the help they need, whenever they need it, thus breaking down language barriers and making health insurance more accessible.

The When Advantage: Mitigating Risks for Employers…beyond the immediate benefits to exiting employees, When provides multifamily employers with a strategic advantage. By offering a better off-boarding experience, employers can mitigate the risk of high claims, which is a common concern associated with employee turnover. The comprehensive support system When provides ensures that both employers and employees navigate the transition with ease, making it a win-win solution.

When’s innovative approach to managing employee benefits and turnover within the multifamily sector is a testament to the platform’s commitment to providing meaningful, practical solutions for its clients. By addressing the needs of both employers and employees, When sets a new standard in the industry, offering a path to smoother transitions and a more supportive off-boarding experience. For multifamily businesses looking to enhance their turnover management strategies, When offers a compelling value proposition that is hard to overlook.