As a follow-up to my last blog discussing resolutions and intentions, I was wondering how many of you have professional goals, resolutions, or intentions that you set for yourself each year? For the sake of this blog, we will call all of these “aspirations”.

Does your company lay out any specific goals, initiatives, or intentions they are trying to achieve this year?  For the sake of this blog, we will call all of these “objectives”.

Do any of your professional aspirations compliment or sync up with your company’s objectives? If not, you may want to:

  • Add another aspiration on your list ….”look for another job/career”   ☺
  • Modify your aspirations to be more in line with your company’s objectives.
    Identify any personal resolutions, or intentions that may support your company’s objectives
  • Find outside products, vendors or suppliers your company can use to help them achieve their objectives

Shameless plug…My company, ASM, provides an outsourced solution to help multi-housing owners, managers, and developers locate new amenities and services, manage existing service contracts, and increase the return owners receive from their agreements.  So if this is an objective for your company – we are here to help!

When you find an aspiration that aligns or compliments your company’s objectives, you need to let your superiors know and lay out a plan of what you will do and what you will need to help the company achieve the objective, and how it will benefit both parties.

Employers love employees that are invested and take ownership of a project, and you will enjoy your job that much more.