I coined a term that I call the “Life Equinox Event”.    A Life Equinox event is when a person (thing or place) has been in your life longer than not.   A Life Equinox event is based on your life, so your Life Equinox will be different than say your partners.

For example: What my wife, Maddie, and I say is our first date was July 7, 1991.  I was 25 years old (my wife is older than me and a husband knows not to tell people how old your wife is), so July 8, 2016 was when my wife had been in my life longer than she has not been. Her Life Equinox Event date for me is another date I cannot divulge.  

This can be for friends, careers (give me a few more years and ASM will be a part of my life for longer than it was not), homes, etc. 

No matter how old you are, these days will randomly pop up and I believe many of them should be celebrated or acknowledged (or you may also think “I need to make new friends” 😊).     

Hey, Hallmark, here’s a new line of cards waiting for you to develop!