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Maximizing NOI with TrustHab’s IoT Solutions

Maximizing NOI with TrustHab’s IoT Solutions

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Provider Spotlight


With rising operational costs presenting a significant challenge for the property  management industry, owners and operators are seeking proven technological solutions  to reduce their expenses and maximize net operating income (NOI). TrustHab’s building management system offers a cost-effective, industry validated IoT solutions that help properties substantially reduce operational costs and optimize energy consumption by  focusing on key areas such as HVAC monitoring, water leak and mold prevention, energy  management, and proactive maintenance. TrustHab’s IoT solutions utilize advanced  sensors and real-time data analytics to enable property managers to make informed  decisions that cut unnecessary expenditures and ultimately generate a higher NOI. 

Real-Time Alerts and Proactive Maintenance: 
Timely resolution of maintenance issues is crucial for keeping operational costs in check  and avoiding expensive emergency repairs. TrustHab excels in this area by providing real time alerts and proactive management capabilities. When maintenance issues arise,  TrustHab’s system immediately notifies property managers, allowing for prompt  intervention by onsite teams. This proactive approach ensures that issues are addressed  before they become major problems. For example, if a sensor detects an unusual spike in  HVAC runtime, it can signal a potential mechanical issue that, if left unaddressed, could  lead to a complete system breakdown. Resolving such issues during regular business  hours helps property managers avoid costly after-hours charges and emergency repair  fees. Additionally, ensuring that properties are well-maintained and operating efficiently  minimizes potential disruptions to residents, and often results in maintenance issues  being resolved before a resident is aware one has even occurred.

HVAC Runtime and Efficiency Monitoring 

HVAC systems are among the largest consumers of energy in residential and commercial  properties. Inefficiently performing units not only lead to higher electricity bills but also  reduce the lifespan of the equipment, leading to increased maintenance and replacement  costs. TrustHab’s IoT sensors track property-wide HVAC activity continuously, identifying  inefficiencies such as short cycling, excessive runtime, or underperformance. When the  system detects an issue, it generates an alert, allowing property managers to address the  problem immediately. This proactive approach can substantially reduce electricity  expenditures, translating into significant cost savings. Additionally, by ensuring that HVAC  systems operate at maximum efficiency, TrustHab helps extend their lifespan, reducing  expensive long-term maintenance and replacement costs. 

Prevention of Mold and Water Damage: 

Water damage and mold growth are not just costly problems; they also pose significant  health risks to residents and potential litigation costs for the property. TrustHab’s leak  detection solution is designed to automatically identify leaks the moment they occur,  preventing these issues from escalating into major repairs and potential health hazards.  The system leverages compact IoT sensors, strategically placed throughout a property, to 

constantly monitor for signs of leaks or unusual water consumption patterns. When a  potential issue is detected, TrustHab alerts onsite teams, enabling immediate  intervention. By catching leaks early, the system helps property managers avoid the  extensive damage and high repair costs associated with undetected water intrusion.  Furthermore, preventing mold growth safeguards resident health and ensures compliance  with health regulations, thus maintaining the property’s reputation and reducing liability  risks. 

Advanced Energy Management Solutions 

TrustHab’s integration of smart thermostats allows for programmable settings and remote  control over the climate in vacant and occupied units, ensuring that energy is used  efficiently throughout a property. By optimizing HVAC operation based on occupancy and  usage patterns, properties can effectively ensure that energy is not wasted. For instance,  HVAC systems can be configured to reduce output when units are unoccupied and ramp  up just before residents return, maintaining comfort while minimizing energy use. The IoT  integration also allows for seamless communication between devices, enabling more  sophisticated energy management strategies. For example, sensors can detect when  windows are open and adjust HVAC settings accordingly to prevent energy waste – a  simple fix for a problem that could otherwise turn costly if left unaddressed. These IoT  sensors can also provide detailed insights into energy usage across different parts of a  property, identifying areas where consumption can be reduced without compromising  comfort. 

Enhancing Resident Satisfaction 

One of the indirect yet significant benefits of TrustHab’s IoT solutions is the enhancement  of resident satisfaction. By ensuring that i) HVAC systems are operating efficiently, ii) water  leaks are promptly addressed, and iii) energy consumption is optimized, residents enjoy a  more comfortable and reliable living environment. Higher resident satisfaction translates  into lower turnover rates, reducing the marketing, acquisition and administrative costs  associated with attracting and onboarding new tenants. Satisfied residents are also more  likely to recommend the property to others, enhancing its reputation and marketability. 

Scalability and Flexibility 

TrustHab’s solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible and can be easily  implemented in properties of various sizes and configurations. Whether managing a single  building or a portfolio of properties, TrustHab’s IoT platform can be customized to meet  specific needs and objectives. The system’s modular design allows property managers to  implement solutions incrementally, scaling up as needed with a short investment payback  period. This flexibility ensures that properties can adapt to changing market conditions and  technological advancements. 

From HVAC runtime monitoring to leak detection and advanced energy management,  TrustHab provides the actionable insights needed to manage properties at maximum 

efficiency to promptly generate higher net operating income. To learn more about  TrustHab’s complete suite of IoT solutions, visit to watch a series of  short videos that demonstrate how TrustHab’s smart building technology will help your  property reduce expenses and increase net operating income (NOI).