People are always telling me to write a blog about myself, a “get to know me” piece…so here you go:

Several years ago, one of my friends who was turning 50 said (based on his family history) that he had 25 more good summers left in him…if he gets a few more, they are a bonus.

I was roughly the same age as him and the ability to put a number on the amount of summers, falls, winters and springs you believe you have left to do things you wanted to do, had a profound effect on me.  Although work is still important and a huge part of my life, my primary goal has shifted to seeing as much of the world as possible while having meaningful experiences with my family and friends.  

Whatever your passion is, and no matter how old you are, thinking about the “number of summers you have left” will shift your perspective and hopefully light a fire in you….. as the number drops very quickly while your bucket list usually grows.   Yes, other life issues will get in the way, but you will find ways to adapt to those challenges. 

I already lost two years to covid…I don’t plan on losing any more.