This is a great time to reflect on what you have accomplished in the last year as well as take stock in what programs worked or did not work (and why).  

It is also a time to look at your providers…. Which ones were easy to work with (and which ones were not so easy).  Do you have any opportunities to consolidate your providers and get better pricing or service level commitments?  

Furthermore, did you add communities during the year?  If so, were they added to your master agreements/programs (such as purchasing programs, utility purchasing, and rebate programs)?  

Lastly, are there programs/amenities you want to add or abandon (and can you legally or logistically)?      It can take several months to locate providers, put out RFPs, analyze, decide, and finalize a contract before implementing the program/service….. So if you want something in place early in 2023, the time is now to begin working on it.