Fairfax Station, VA – November 11, 2020 – Ancillary Services Management, an industry leader in ancillary contract management, today announces Grady Management, a full service residential, commercial and consulting real estate firm, has selected Ancillary Services Management as a strategic partner in income generation.

Ancillary Services Management (ASM) will serve as an outsourced ancillary services department for Grady. ASM will provide them with professionally negotiated and managed amenities and ancillary services.

Grady Management has been in business for over 50 years and currently manages a portfolio consisting of almost 12,000 apartment homes in 48 different locations. The main focus of Grady Management is to maintain the quality of real estate and provide environments where people wish to live and work while at the same time enhancing returns on investment. This framework presents a win-win situation for both owners and residents and the long term health of the properties. Our motto “Exceptional People Exceptional Communities” is more than just words for thousands of people living at communities managed by Grady Management.

About Ancillary Services Management

Ancillary Services Management, founded in 2003, is the premier ancillary service management company whose mission is to help managers and owners increase revenues, improve efficiencies, and enhance resident services. ASM offers its clients an insight and understanding regarding a multitude of services and programs, access to contacts in the industry that have been finely honed over time, and the ability to negotiate quality agreements that reward and protect a property. This then alleviates the owner/manager from having to conduct extensive research and due diligence on prospective service providers, including negotiating the terms and  conditions of each contract.  ASM’s expertise in contract negotiations and its keen eye on market trends ensures all services are competitive and fit into the daily operations of leasing and managing a property.  ASM has over 113,000 units under their umbrella; a proven track record for improving client’s NOI.  ASM ensures peace of mind for its clients on ancillary agreements so they may focus on their core business responsibilities.

For more information, you may contact us at (866)934-3108 X11, or send an email to [email protected].