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WhereiPark Turns Empty Space into Ancillary Revenues

WhereiPark Turns Empty Space into Ancillary Revenues

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Provider Spotlight

Connexus Living

Parking utilization within the Mutli-Family industry is constantly in a state of flux. Decades of outdated parking requirements have resulted in thousands of buildings across North America with empty parking spaces sitting vacant from month to month, even as local demand for parking goes unmet. 

Introducing WhereiPark,  the world’s largest parking inventory marketplace for the Multi-Family Industry. 

What is WhereiPark?

Have you ever heard of Airbnb? Well, picture us as the Airbnb for ‘alternative space’ – we offer parking, storage, and warehousing without any upfront fees or charges! 

We partner with thousands of global REITs, family offices, parking lot owners and operators, and individuals to increase asset yields, especially where yield did not previously exist. 

WhereiPark turns empty space into Ancillary Revenues

WhereiPark fills empty spaces in Multi-Family buildings faster and easier than ever while providing additional income to property owners! As the nation’s largest marketplace for Monthly parking, thousands of people across North America look to WhereiPark to book long term spaces near their homes for a closer space, or for more affordable options near their work. 


WhereIPark - How It Works


WhereiPark helps you find the tenants you need

Whether your building is in a lease-up period, or your tenants prefer bicycles to cars, WhereiPark works with dozens of fleet firms across North America to park groups between 5 and 1,500 cars for long term projects.

We work with car-sharing, car rental, and large construction firms that are always looking for places to store and park their fleets. 

The safest bet for your tenants

WhereiPark is the only partner that provides background security checks on all parkers – to help our Multi-family clients sleep better knowing their tenants and their vehicles are safe at all times. 

Partner with WhereiPark to fill up your empty parking spaces and generate real NAV on-site! Visit us at