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Q & A with Patrick Osman from Utility Valet

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Provider Think Tank

Connexus Living


Utility Valet are move-in specialists that service all 50 states by assisting residents with connecting approved utilities, internet providers, and other home services at no cost to the residents or our clients. 

Utility Valet will not only assist all participating properties by increasing their bottom line through the revenue share aspect, but more importantly, they will drive the consumer onboarding experience to new levels. 

Utility Valet’s program has no effect on any existing telecom agreements currently in place and can be tailored to direct your residents to only those providers you choose!  

Utility Valet gets paid by select providers to assist with the connection process and Utility Valet is willing to share a portion of those connection fees with the participating communities under ASM’s umbrella. Depending on the state, service providers, and services available, a property could see between $55.00 and $120 per move-in of additional revenue.