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Meet Mosaic Power –  Turn a water heater into an asset

Meet Mosaic Power

by | May 2, 2023 | Provider Spotlight

Mosaic Power

Mosaic Power Helps You “Untap” the Potential of Electric Hot Water Heaters

Your average residential electric hot water heater has a pretty basic function- turn on and heat water when the temperature of the water in the tank drops below a specified level. You just want it to sit in a closet, be quiet, and do its job. And please please PLEASE don’t break and cause a huge expensive mess! But did you know that by partnering with Mosaic Power you can turn a water heater into an asset… one that can make you money and contribute to a cleaner, more efficient energy grid?

Mosaic Power Turns Your Water Heaters Into Cash Machines

Did you know that WHEN energy you consume is just as important as HOW MUCH energy you consume? 

The energy grid has to supply enough energy to meet customer demand at all times. This is a constant moving target, and sometimes the grid has a hard time keeping up. As a result, the energy grid will pay you if you can avoid consuming energy when it’s most needed. A Mosaic Power-connected water heater can offer the grid this flexibility since the water in the tank is never fully hot or fully cold. Mosaic can also manage the process to prioritize the resident’s demand for hot water over making money.

Mosaic Power Makes Hot Water Heaters More Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that not all power is created equal, from the planet’s perspective? 

During periods of extreme demand, the grid must access resources that would otherwise lie dormant. Turning on and operating these “peaker plants” is very expensive, both in terms of dollars and CO2 emissions. Since Mosaic Power shifts the consumption of energy of hot water heaters to avoid periods of high demand, they help avoid the use of peaker plants and make the grid cleaner and more efficient. In fact, it’s estimated that one Mosaic Power-controlled water heater can save 1.4 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year!

Mosaic Power Tells You When a Water Heater Is Not Working Properly

Did you know that there can be a problem with a hot water heater long before you get a tenant complaint? 

Over time, hot water usage follows a predictable pattern since residents use hot water at similar times. As a result, the energy used by the heater to heat the hot water follows a pattern as well. So if a water heater suddenly starts using much more power over an extended period of time, it indicates that there is a maintenance issue with the water heater, like a burned-out heating element, a valve or thermostat problem, or a small leak. The residents might still have enough hot water so they won’t say anything, but the utility costs at their unit will unexpectedly shoot up. That cost will fall to either the unhappy tenant (if they pay their own energy bill) or the property (if it is master-metered), and eventually, the water heater will fail completely and create an emergency. But if the heaters are connected to Mosaic Power, which monitors the power consumed 24×7, these situations can be identified and the costs avoided!


Partner with Mosaic Power and your hot water heaters can make you money, help the environment, and lower your maintenance costs!