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Introducing Connexus Living

Introducing Connexus Living

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Provider Spotlight

Connexus Living

At the end of the day, are you left wondering where has your time gone?

Your average property manager spends 5-10 hours managing the proposal process when vetting vendors but with Connexus Living (Connexus), they can get time back in their day and Connexus will pay the community to help.

Connexus seamlessly streamlines the proposal process for new contracts and renewals, can ensure your meeting certain compliance mandates, and drives profitability through revenue share.

Devin Wirt, Co-Founder and CEO of Connexus Living, lists some points on how Connexus Living can create operational and financial efficiencies, driving NOI for owners and operators.


Connexus Living Turns Non-revenue Generating Contracts into Revenue Generating

Historically, expenses for services such as landscaping, pest control and janitorial have never been monetized.  With Connexus Living, owners and operators are now able to start generating income from these contracts. With our FREE platform, all of these operational and capital expenses can produce ancillary revenue!


Connexus Living Can Reduce Your Corporate Headcount

Tired of hiring more people to manage your Vendors? Connexus Living can be your outsourced arm to manage renewals, new bids, monitor how many properties each vendor is at and who you should negotiate preferred deals with! 


Connexus Living Helps Centralize your SOW Library

Where is your organization storing your scope of work (SOW) for each service? Who is ensuring that each property’s SOW is being updated from the previous years? Connexus Living does not only manage your proposal process, but also centralizes your SOW Library per property and per service! With Connexus Living, you never have to worry about where the previous year’s SOW is due to changes with on-site staff.


Connexus Living Gives Your Teams The Return On Time They Want & Need

With the rising interest rates and labor cost, on-site teams need to be more efficient with their time to focus on revenue generating activities. Connexus Living allows on-site and regional teams time back in their day by focusing on things like past due rent, occupancy rate and resident engagement.


Partner with Connexus Living and drive profitability at every property through revenue share and productivity on-site! Visit us at