Several people have asked me what I learned last year or better yet, during the pandemic, since the last two years have basically melded into one looooong year.  So here are a few of my top takeaways:

1) I love Bigelow brand Earl Grey tea…. Best around, enough said.

2) Reliable, Fast Internet is King…. Most of us knew this to be true, but the pandemic just made the rest of the world realize it much faster. 

Side note: Every great invention can be used for evil and the internet is no exception.  Too many people, groups, businesses, etc. are using the internet to sow vitriol, discontent and to divide us into smaller and smaller groups which is tearing us apart instead of bringing us together. 

3) Video conferencing is not all it is cracked up to be…. Yes, it was great to see people virtually when the pandemic started (and we were all starved to see another human face), but for those of us who are still working from home and like to live in their pajamas all day, it is now a hassle to look presentable for the camera….and really, who enjoyed virtual lunches or happy hours??  FYI – the latest men’s fashion statement is a beard (i.e. we hate shaving and it is one less step between our beds and the computer).  

Video conferencing tip #1…. If less than 50% of the people on the video call don’t have their cameras on, you don’t have to put yours on (and if you start with yours off, you may convince others not to put theirs on as well).  

Video conferencing tip #2….Those background filters are awful; so stop using them. I am not going to judge you because of where you are working from….better yet, just keep your camera off (see tip #1 above).

Video conferencing tip #3…A hat covers up the bedhead really well.

4) Invest in companies that make boxes, packing supplies and/or delivery services…. You can’t go wrong as everyone is ordering stuff on-line and someone has to deliver the stuff we buy…and it is not going to slow down.

Side note:  Investing in anything health care related is also a winner.

5) Everything is now subscription based!…. I long for the days when you could purchase something (especially software) and not have to pay for it over and over again and over again (I have even paid for the burger I ate a few days ago multiple times now).

6) Easy access to your property service contracts is essential…. Being able to quickly retrieve contracts and quickly identify its terms as well as when each contract expires is critical to making sound decisions, avoiding losing out on new technologies, accidently defaulting on a contract (which can be very time consuming and costly), and generating additional income. 

Side note:  More to come on this topic in the near future (as this is one of ASM’s main service offerings).

7) Some things never change…. Like “Be kind and treat people like you want to be treated”. Everyone is working really hard and some of us are stressed out a little more than others.  We don’t know what is causing the people we meet or work with to be in the mood they are in, but a bit of kindness and/or patience can go a long way to making things a bit brighter for everyone. 

8) Most importantly, Family and friends come first!…. Work will always be there, but family and friends may not; so make and enjoy the time you have with them. 

9) The views expressed in this blog are personal in nature and should not be used as a “News Source”, for “investment purposes” or to show your bosses “rules for video conferencing”….but Bigelow brand Earl Grey tea is truly the best!! 

In the immortal words of  Kuiil (from The Mandalorian),  “I have spoken”.