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Your Expert for Professionally Negotiated
and Managed Ancillary Services

Establishing a

Andrew Smith founded ASM in 2003 with the vision that he could provide professionally negotiated and managed ancillary programs to owners and property management companies. Andrew’s mission is to provide quality services, save you time and increase your revenue.

Building on

Andrew Smith successfully developed ancillary services departments while working for two large management companies in the metro DC area. In this time, he realized all owners and managers could benefit from a department dedicated to managing ancillary programs.

Redefining Contract Management

Foliedge, created by Andrew Smith, is ASM’s newest innovative software. It redefines contract management by giving you, the owner or manager, the ability to organize, manage, and grow your revenue, portfolio, agreements, providers, and amenities and services.

Who We Are

Develop Relationships

We develop valuable and long-term relationships with our clients, team members, and partners.

Exemplify Integrity

We are sincere, honest, and forthright. We demand the upmost integrity from our team and partners.

Establish Excellence

We require our team to utilize their experience and expertise to strengthen the quality of services we provide.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

We earn the loyalty from our clients by constantly proving our clients and their interests come first.


What We Bring to the Table

Our Commitment To You

ASM’s primary goal is to increase your revenue, save you time, and provide quality services to you and your residents!

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